Welcome to the technical website for the Regional Planning Body in the North West, which is 4NW, The Regional Leaders Forum. This site provides detailed background information on Planning, Transport and Housing issues within the context of Spatial Planning at a regional level - especially in connection with Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) and Regional Housing Strategy.

Regional Planning

The following pages provide information on the processes involved in producing the Regional Spatial Strategy for the North West and set out an overview of the process undertaken in preparing the Regional Spatial Strategy and the work involved in implementing and monitoring the strategy...

The North West is a varied and complex region and the housing issues in the region reflect this. With the greatest levels and concentrations of non-decent and obsolete housing in the country, measures to tackle existing stock in the North West need to be a combination of improvement and clearance...


A modern, high quality, efficient and well-integrated transport system is essential to support the competitiveness of the North West's industry and commerce, and to facilitate the region's social and recreational needs. The region's transport networks are responsible for moving large numbers of people to and from work and for ensuring that goods and services are distributed throughout the North West, the wider UK and overseas. However, road traffic accounts for around 22% of CO2 emissions in the region, and nationally, transport is the sector where CO2 emissions are increasing. Climate change is also likely to have an increasing impact on both the operation and maintenance of the region's transport networks. It is therefore essential to maintain, manage and improve transport networks in ways that contribute towards the region's sustainable development policies. Access is important too for attracting new investment, particularly to areas with declining traditional industries need replacing by new development.